2017 General Sessions

General Session 1
Pastor Bill Duttry

General Session 2
Dr. David Gibbs

General Session 3
David Corn

General Session 4
Paul Thomas

General Session 4
Scott Pauley

General Session 5
Chris Chavez

2017 Auditorium Workshops

Workshop 1 - Dan Delong
Why Daniel Was Ten Times Better

Workshop 2 - Dr. David Gibbs
CLA Update Part 1

Workshop 3 - Dr. David Gibbs
CLA Update Part 2

Workshop 4 - Dale Money
Billions Still Waiting

Workshop 5 - April Jessup
Our Most Important Ministry - Our Husbands

Workshop 6 - Scott Pauley
Married and in the Ministry

Workshop 7 - Elijah Ketchum
A Biblical Philosophy of Church Media

Workshop 8 - Dan Jessup
Is there a Biblical Case for Children's Ministry in the Local Church?

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