Here is a sampling of sessions that have been presented in the past at the Loving and Leading Conference.

Master Clubs

Introduction to Master Clubs - Making the Switch or Getting a Fresh Start
Leadership in Master Clubs - Training for Directors and Pastors
Preparing your Master Clubs for Regionals!
Master Clubs: Primary Curriculum Update
Master Clubs: Successful Tips for the Ambassador Department
Master Clubs: Organizing and Running your Club Office
Master Clubs: Successful Tips for the Beginner Department
Master Clubs: Successful Tips for Game Time
Master Clubs: Special Events Symposium

Youth Ministry

Discipling Bus Ministry Teenagers in the Youth Group
Soul-Winning and Teen Visitation
Social Media and Teenagers—Helpful Tips for Parents, Workers, and Staff
One Church, One Identity: Leading the Youth Group to be Distinct in its Demographic, not Distinct in its Identity
Youth Ministry Panel and Discussion
Training Teenagers to be Servant-Leaders
Preaching to Teenagers

Children's Ministry

Teaching Like Jesus
Using Mystery in your Children's Ministry
Building Your Own Vacation Bible School
An Effective Junior Church Program
Getting Started with Puppets
Puppet Character Voices
Puppets, Props, Scenes, and Staging
Having an Exciting Children’s Choir
Why we Use Music in our Ministry
Infusing your Special Music Event with the Children’s Choir
Philosophy of Children’s Music Ministry
Teaching Youth the Mechanics of Music
Salvation Counseling with Children
Baptism Counseling with Children

Sunday School

Recruiting and Training Teachers and Workers
Teaching for Life Change, Before the Bell Rings!
Two Super Words: Focus and Evaluation
Sunday School/Organization and Accountability
Sunday School/Prospecting and Enrollment
Understand Clearly "Training Teachers EVERYWHERE!"
Lesson Preparation/Getting More from your Bible time!
How Students Learn Best/Interaction, We must Allow it!

Christian Education

Test-Taking Superhero (strategies for students to test properly)
Smarty Pants (nurturing brain development in elementary students)
Focus Wars: The Bored Awakens (fresh classroom ideas to engage students)
Bible with a Bang!
Activities for Fast Finishers
Incorporating STEM into the Elementary Curriculum
Never Judge a Book by its Movie (critical reading strategies for students)
Dyslexia Dilemma Part 1
Dyslexia Dilemma Part 2

College and Career

Reach the Campus, Reach the World
How to Start a Bible Study in your Local College or University
Confronting Unbelief through the Gospel to Colleges and Universities
Building the 18-29 year old age group in the Local Church
Discipling College Students in Local Church Ministry
Witnessing to Muslims

Marriage and the Home

Communication Every Child Must Hear
Teaching our Boys to Fight Every Man’s War
Help! I have a Wayward Child

And many more...

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