April Jessup
Director of Development - Master Ministries

Mrs. Jessup joined FBC and Master Ministries in the summer of 2015 when her husband became the general director. Dan and April have been blessed with three children: Kayla, Leah, and Ethan. Before her arrival, April had spent almost 20 years in children and youth ministry at churches in Florida, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. During that time she worked in daycare, taught various grade levels at Christian school, participated in special music and choir, and filled the role of Master Clubs secretary. Most recently Mrs. Jessup has assumed the role of “Director of Development” in Master Ministries and has spent much time travelling these past few year to train workers in Master Clubs, edit existing and develop new curriculum.

Kim Ketchum

Kim Ketchum had the privilege of serving at Milford Christian Academy for 15 years as administrative assistant, teacher, and then elementary principal. In the spring of 2017, she followed God's leading to pursue a teaching license as an intervention specialist, with the goal of obtaining employment in the local public school system. Kim has a heart for struggling learners and a passion to shine the light of Christ to her students. She is currently employed in a local public school district as an eighth grade math intervention specialist.

Elijah Ketchum

Elijah serves as the Youth Director at First Baptist Church of Milford. He has been serving at First Baptist Church since 2013 and has been involved in a variety of areas including the Youth Ministry and Media. He is happily married to Lauren Ketchum, who serves alongside him in the Youth Ministry as well as in the Media Department at First Baptist Church.

Corey Knopf
Youth Pastor - First Baptist Church of Milford

Corey had the privilege of growing up in the First Baptist Church of Milford, where the Lord called him into full time ministry. Upon graduating from Pensacola Christian College in 2009, he was led by the Lord back to Milford, where he has been heavily involved with the youth ministry. He currently serves on the Pastoral Staff at First Baptist Church of Milford as the Youth Pastor. Corey and his wife Kelly have two children, Brinlee and Maddox.

Susan Knudten

After ten years as a special education teacher, the Lord led her and her husband, Eric, to homeschool their two daughters, Megan and Emily. Susan has taught in the primary department of Master Clubs since 2005 when her family joined First Baptist Church of Milford. She is thankful to God for the privilege He has given to her family to serve at our church in the Puppet and Children’s ministries.

Aaron Lanier
Ministry Pastor - First Baptist Church of Milford

Aaron Lanier has led as the Children’s Pastor at the First Baptist Church of Milford for the past 6 years after having graduated from Pensacola Christian College with an Education Emphasis in Youth Ministry and from Pensacola Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity. Bro. Lanier served in Master Clubs at Campus Church for five years in several capacities and has led in the Master Clubs program here at First Baptist Church. Aaron and his wife Elizabeth have three children, Reece, Mollie, and Titus.

Jonathan Marshall
Pastor - Hope Baptist Church

For the first 22 years of his life, Jonathan Marshall traveled on the road as a member of the John Marshall Family, ministering in sermon and song all across America. Since marrying Jessica in 1999, he has ministered in gospel radio and music ministry, as well as serving as an assistant pastor for 15 years. In September 2019, he will follow Pastor Rick Sowell as pastor of Hope Baptist Church in Toledo, Ohio. He and Jessica have five children.

David Martin
Professor - Biblical School of World Evangelism

David Martin has been serving in the ministry for almost 50 years. For the past fifteen years he has been the pastor of the Lighthouse Baptist Church of Winchester, VA. Before that he pastored for 20 years in Lancaster County, PA. His ministry has included work in bus ministry, youth, and music, Christian school principal and teacher, Bible college professor, and pastor. Besides preaching and teaching the Bible, his great love is his wife and family. Bro. Martin joined the faculty of the Biblical School of World Evangelism in the summer of 2018.

Dale Money
Director - firstBible International

Bro. Money is a product of godly parents, a solid church, and a vibrant youth ministry. After receiving so much, Bro. Dale served eight years as a youth pastor in SC. Since 2000, Bro. Money has been a missionary with Bearing Precious Seed, focusing on the Seedline section of the ministry. He served as Director for seven years, during which time he implemented district levels of local church involvement in Scripture publishing. Since 2013, Bro. Dale has been the Director of firstBible International. Regardless where he has served, his heart to invest in young people has remained the same.

Larry Quinlan
Professor - Biblical School of World Evangelism

Larry Quinlan was born into a missionary family and raised in the Philippine Islands. At the age of five, he was born again. As a child Larry surrendered his life to God for His use, and at the age of fifteen God called him to Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim country. He and his wife Nancy arrived in Indonesia in 1987, where they planted churches and trained and assisted many other Indonesian nationals to go and do the same. After thirty years on the field, God led the Quinlan’s here to First Baptist Church of Milford where he heads up the Mission Concentration at Biblical School of World Evangelism.

Brian Ragle
Administrator - Milford Christian Academy

Dr. Ragle had the privilege of growing up here at First Baptist Church of Milford. He attended both our high school and Bible college. He then attended Pensacola Christian College graduating in 2003 with his Master of Science in Educational Administration. He returned to Milford Christian Academy in January of 2013. He earned his Doctorate in Christian Education from Andersonville Theological Seminary in 2013. Dr. Ragle has been involved in Christian education for 11 years and currently serves as Milford Christian Academy’s administrator. Dr. Ragle and his wife, Tonya, have three children, Taylor, Emily, and Madison.

Mark Rasmussen
VP of Administration - West Coast Baptist College

Dr. Mark Rasmussen has been teaching on the college level for the past forty years, and he has spoken at multiple conferences across our nation. Raised in a pastor’s home where he was saved at the age of 5, he is a product of Christian education, having attended Christian schools from the first grade through all three of his college degrees. Dr. Rasmussen is currently the Vice President of Administration at West Coast Baptist College in Lancaster, CA, where he has been serving since 1997. He is the author of 101 Tips for Teaching, 101 Truths to Transfer, several Sunday school curriculums, and is the co-author of Mentoring and Modeling with Dr. John Goetsch

Chad Robinson
Director - BPS/Seedline

In the summer of 2013 Chad Robinson and his family moved to Milford, Ohio to serve in the Seedline ministry of Bearing Precious Seed. After working 19 years with the same company, he stepped down from his position to open up more time to serve in his local church and begin his studies through Bible college. This obedience led to the desire and calling to serve full-time with BPS. Chad accepted Christ as his Savior at the age of 17 in a morning church service. Heidi was saved at the age of 8 with her mom after vacation Bible school. They have been married 22 years and have three daughters: Becca, Beth, and Brooke. The family travels to churches who desire to partner in the publishing of God's Word through Seedline Projects where they assemble Scriptures that will be sent to missionaries.

Heidi Robinson

Heidi serves with her husband, Chad Robinson, the director of BPS/Seedline, a ministry of the First Baptist Church of Milford. As missionaries for the past five years, they have traveled to churches across the country assembling Scriptures. As acting secretary of firstBible International, Heidi has researched, developed, and taught students about unreached people groups. Her degree in journalism has greatly assisted the firstBible team in launching the new curriculum, Opening the 10/40 Window. This curriculum is soon to be published into a format which churches and schools could use in a classroom setting. Before moving to Milford, she homeschooled her three daughters, worked as a parent educator for the state of Pennsylvania, and actively served in their local church.

Melissa Roe

Melissa has served alongside her husband, Jim Roe, as a missionary sent out by the First Baptist Church in Milford, Ohio. Since 1998, the Roes have worked in a Restricted Access Nation, training nationals to do the Great Commission. Missions education has become an ever-growing priority in her life and she seeks to pass that on to others. Encouraging Christians to love and embrace a multi-lingual and multi-ethnic world is her passion. Jim and Melissa have two daughters, Jerusha and Kimi. In addition to missions work, Melissa writes, speaks, and teaches about missions.

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