Abb Thomas

Founder - Master Clubs

In the early 70’s, Abb began a youth and children’s ministry at Highland Park Baptist Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee under the leadership of Dr. Lee Roberson that developed into Master Clubs and Master Ministries. After twenty years at Highland Park, Abb moved the ministry to Milford to be under the direct leadership of this local church. He has now trained leaders in over 7,000 churches and continues to travel across America training teachers and writing books.

Workshops by this speaker

Push Yourself!

Location: FH 5
We have one life to live and this is it. Allow me to fill your mind with how you can be your best in serving your Lord for the rest of your life! The effort to out-achieve yourself brings great gain. Our full 215 page book titled, "Push Yourself" will be available in this room for only $10. We will cover ideas as Out-Achieving Myself Is the Best Comparison/ Decisiveness Gets Me Off The Dime/ Evaluation Initiates Greater Achievement/ Focus Keeps Me on Target/ The "Team" Will Take Me There/ Using Time Wisely Stretches My Days/ Faith Is Your Supernatural 'Push" and more!

Teach Like Jesus Taught

Location: FH 5
You will receive a 24 page booklet at no cost. You will find that hundreds of scriptures describe the teachings of Jesus, ready for you to do too. Jesus used object lessons, point of content, application and multiple ideas to illustrate and demonstrate how to gain attention! If your teaching is worth listening to it will also be clear.

The Acts of Christian Teens

Location: FH 5
We spent 20 years with teens. I will share what your leadership can see happen in a vibrant ministry with teens leading other teens. My desire is to enlarge your capacity to think, to imagine, and by faith to launch your greatest effort using what I call the Acts of Christian Teens! I can remember it as yesterday! Let me take you on a dream of your own. We have a full book of those 20 years, but let me tell you what will still work today-I can't wait!

The Great Value of One-Point Lessons

Location: FH 5
You will receive a 22-page booklet at no cost. Let's see how to get from the Generalities of a truth to the Specifics. Often teachers teach way too much content, leaving very little time for students to respond to their God. Let's get to the point that changes lives in five minutes, providing illustrations of real life. When you can visualize, Illustrate, demonstrate. Give that your time!

A #1 Team, Pursuing a #1 Dream

Location: BPS Volunteer Room
You will receive a 45-page workbook. We will cover the first 21 pages with more to gain from the rest of this study. Let me share the day I actually saw a #1 team pursuing a #1 dream. I will never forget it! I saw the efficiency of multiple people producing a product that was exactly what had been planned! The key to it all is to "Think Sunday School" . I spent 20 years in the second largest church in the nation, with Dr. Lee Roberson. I'll never forget it!
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