CLA Attorney

The LLC is privileged to have an attorney from the Christian Law Association attend the conference and offer sessions concerning ministry awareness and prevention. Please take the time to send a delegate from your ministry to these critical legal sessions, and we also ask that you visit the CLA display table located in the FBC foyer.

Workshops by this speaker

CLA Update Regarding Current Legal Issues Affecting Children, Youth, and Educational Ministries

Location: FBC Auditorium
CLA attorneys will be updating session attendees regarding legal issues and challenges for children, youth, and educational ministries, plus answering all of your questions.

Is Your Ministry Prepared for Crisis?

Location: FBC 214
When tragedy strikes, will your ministry be prepared? What legal concerns will you have to manage? Will any of what you face be preventable? There are measures your ministry can take ahead of time before such crisis would take place on your property or with your people. Join CLA for this session that will help your ministry be as prepared as possible for crisis management!

Written Policies: Safeguards for your People and Property Every Ministry Should Implement

Location: FBC 214
“But, that’s what we told him, your honor.” This all too familiar rebuttal on the witness stand can be shaky ground for any ministry with good intentions. Expectations given only verbally to employees and volunteers have very limited weight in a court of law. Every ministry has guidelines, and many of these have biblical foundations. However, have these policies been written and distributed? Have your expectations of ministry representatives been documented? Join our CLA attorneys for an informative session that will help you safeguard the people and the property.

Safety and Security in Church Ministry: Protecting the Flock while Abiding by Law

Location: FBC 214
Every God-fearing leader who loves the sheep desires to protect the flock. From background checks, to handbooks for volunteers and employees, to legal permission forms your ministry needs to take measures to care for the people you are serving. What further steps can a church or school take to prepare itself with a security team during the services? What protocols involve high risk? Which ones would be considered low risk? Allow a CLA attorney to give some guidance in these matters.
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