Edward Barclay

Executive Pastor - First Baptist Church of Milford

Edward Barclay has served with our pastoral team since 2018 and is now our Executive Pastor. Edward and April have four children. Alongside ministry, Edward enjoys books, coffee, woodturning, and Ohio State football. His life verse is Romans 15:21. His favorite Psalm is Psalm 145. His favorite Bible characters are Joseph, Esther, and Daniel.

Workshops by this speaker

Pastoral Transition Seminar

Location: FBC Auditorium
This workshop is an open forum discussion between Edward Barclay and Bill Duttry about pastoral transition, with time for questions.

Pastor to Pastor Question and Answer on the Transition Process

Location: BPS Volunteer Room
As a follow up to the Pastor Transition Seminar held in the auditorium, this special session in the pastors track is for those pastors and members of your leadership team. Maybe you have further questions about the process, would like to receive counsel concerning your church or ministry transition, or would enjoy one-on-one time with the leadership of First Baptist Church. Our pastoral staff would love to help in any way possible.

Caring for Your Family While Serving in Ministry

Location: FBC Auditorium
In ministry, it often feels like our values compete with one another—our walk with God, caring for our family, working our jobs, finding time to rest, and serving the people of our church family. So how can we authentically care for our spouses and children as we face these competing values?

How to Develop and Implement an Effective Ministry Internship Program

Location: FBC B24
Discover how you can shepherd and lead interns effectively, whether for ten weeks during the summer or for an extended twelve month program. This workshop will lead you through all the steps involved with developing interns including interviewing potential candidates (to help you find the right ones), developing a custom program for each intern to challenge him or her in areas of weakness, and holding interns accountable for their weekly responsibilities. If done right, an internship is not free labor for a church; instead, it is an opportunity for a church to truly invest in and develop future generations of effective church leaders.

Ministering to Your Second Man

Location: BPS Volunteer Room
Every pastor has the one person they rely on most to help them in the ministry. How can we encourage, challenge, and care for our second men to equip them for the work of the ministry?
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