Master Clubs

Preparing your Master Clubs for Regionals!
Master Clubs: Successful Tips for the Ambassador Department
Organizing and Running your Club Office
Master Clubs: Successful Tips for Game Time
Master Clubs: Successful Tips for the Beginner Department
Master Clubs: Successful Tips for the Primary Department
Introduction to Master Clubs - Making the Switch or Getting a Fresh Start
Leadership in Master Clubs - Training for Directors and Pastors
Master Clubs: Special Events Symposium

Youth Ministry

Building a Youth Visitation Outreach to reach the lost youth in your community
Bible Clubs in public schools to reach lost young people
Developing potential leaders for leadership in your youth group
Reaching the youth of America through a unique missions trip Navigating the minefield of social media
Youth Activities: Planning and Executing a Yearly Calendar
Parents are not the Problem: Maintaining healthy relationships with parents of teenagers
Youth worker roundtable

Children's Ministry

Helping children who have divorced or separated parents
Reaching the Heart of a Child
Ministering to children in single parent homes
Reaching and Keeping family units through the Children’s Ministry
Being the Best Teacher: Communicating with all your Resources
Holding an Effective Junior Church Program
Teaching Like Jesus
Building your own Vacation Bible School
Screening Children for Salvation Counseling
Leading a Child to Christ and Salvation Counseling
Baptism Counseling 101: are we dunking or discipling?
Choosing, Preparing, and Teaching Bible Stories Effectively
Teaching and Training Children How to Tell Bible Stories


Church Leadership: Stepping outside the box but still within biblical boundaries
Church Internship: How to develop and implement an effective ministry internship program
Church Finances: Setting up a plan for integrity, stewardship, and feasibility
Church Care: Taking over a congregation after a really big issue
Church Leadership: Staying faithful as a pastor when you are in the valley
Church Leadership: When do you know it’s time? – timing in the ministry
Church Care: Loving and leading the deacons of the church
Church Leadership: Going forward when God's people are resistant to change
Church Education: Leading through the challenges and blessings of a Christian School
Church Training: The Discipleship Advantage
Church Care: Going forward at the right pace
Church Care: Servant leadership of staff through sunshine and shadow

Christian Education

Go Forward when Sticks and Stones are Words that Hurt
Go Forward in the Face of the "What if's" of Teaching
Go Forward in Relationships with Biblical Leadership
Stewarding relationships among staff
Bad Boys! Bad Boys! What ya gonna do when they're in your room?
Building Character: Values under Construction
Teach Like Your Hair is on Fire
How to WOW your Parents
Sounds or Silence: Making Phonics Instruction Come Alive
Learning Styles of the iGeneration
More subject and age-specific sessions to follow this year!


Training Biblical, Mission-Minded Servants for all Levels of Ministry
Pastor to Pastor Q & A
Biblical Values that Guide a Church Media Ministry
Stewarding Time: Preparing for Ministry in Advance of the Schedule

Marriage and Family

Influential Parenting: Seven principles godly parents always implement
Managing the Circus of Ministry and Marriage – help for struggling couples
Servant Leader 101: The husband as a picture of Christ in the home Rearing godly children
Loving and Serving in the Ministry and at Home: helpful tips for the wife and mother

Bus Ministry

Reaching Bus Parents
Planning and Executing a Big Day
Planning and Maintaining a Fleet of Vans
Bus Promotions that Make a Difference
Reaching and Keeping Bus Riders into the Adult Years

Legal Issues

A Legal Update for Local Church Childrens’ Ministries Part 1
A Legal Update for Local Church Childrens’ Ministries Part 2
Managing Volunteers at School and at Church
Assessing Risk and Implementing Change for Protective Value
Providing for Honest Financial Oversight of the Ministry


Ministry Technology: Tech solutions for small churches
Using Technology to teach Theology to the next generation
Sound System 101: How Shall They Hear?
Digital Outreach for Churches in Rural Locations


Managing a Safe and Effective Nursery

And many more...

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