11:30 AM Registration/Check-In
1:00 PM General Session
3:00 PM Breakout Workshops
4:00 PM Breakout Workshops
5:00 PM Breakout Workshops
6:00 PM Dinner (Provided)
7:00 PM General Session


9:00 AM General Session
10:30 AM Breakout Workshops
11:30 AM Breakout Workshops
12:30 PM Lunch (Provided)
1:30 PM General Session
3:00 PM Breakout Workshops
4:00 PM Breakout Workshops


9:00 AM Breakout Workshops
10:00 AM Breakout Workshops
11:00 AM General Session

Master Clubs

Preparing your Master Clubs for Regionals!
Master Ministries Tour and Product Showcase
Master Clubs: Successful Tips for the Ambassador Department
Organizing and Running your Club Office
Master Clubs: Successful Tips for Game Time
Master Clubs: Successful Tips for the Beginner Department
Master Clubs: Successful Tips for the Primary Department
Introduction to Master Clubs - Making the Switch or Getting a Fresh Start
Leadership in Master Clubs - Training for Directors and Pastors
Master Clubs: Special Events Symposium

Youth Ministry

Engaging Parents of Teens
Training and Utilizing Teens as Leaders
When Young People Ask Hard Questions
Helping Young People with Social Media
Advice to Church Staff Members
Ministering to the Whole Family
Helping Youth Give Their Hearts to Mom and Dad

Children's Ministry

Visual Aids and Object Lessons: Using Tools that are Specific to your Target Age
Now you See it, now you …
How to Lead a Child to Christ and Help with Assurance
Getting Started with Puppets
Developing a Puppet Character
Using a Variety of Personalized Visuals
Growing Young Converts - How to Organize for Growth after Salvation
How to Have an Effective Junior Church Program
Junior Church 101
Junior Church 102
Beginning, Managing, and Improving a Church Children's Choir
How to Involve your Children's Choir in Special Events
Bible Storytelling: Explained
Bible Storytelling: Demonstrated
Developing Bible Content in the Lesson
Methods of Giving a Gospel Invitation During Your Service

Christian Education

English Class: It's more than just grammar and literature
Essentials for a 7-12 History Class
It's more than just a story: teaching literature to students in grades 7-12
The Research Paper: Conquering the Mountain one step at a time
Teaching Grammar to Students in Grades 7-12
How to Have a Healthy Relationship with Parents
How to Motivate Students Who are Not Motivated
Loving and Leading a School Family through Tragedy
School Events that lead to building Parent/Family Relationships
Finding Your Leadership Style
Listen Up Teachers - Do you know the levels of listening?
Ingredients for a Palatable Teacher, are they in you?


Training Biblical, Mission-Minded Servants for all Levels of Ministry
Pastor to Pastor Q & A
Biblical Values that Guide a Church Media Ministry
Stewarding Time: Preparing for Ministry in Advance of the Schedule

Marriage and Family

Rearing Godly Children
Married in Ministry
Ministering to the Whole Family
Ministry of Marriage (ladies only)

Music Education

Striking the Right Chord
The Business Side (nuts & bolts) of the Music Program
It’s Just Music Class…or Is It?
Limited Budget..or Limitless Creativity?
We Want You! The Art of Recruiting and Retaining

Bus Ministry

How to Build, Develop, and Maintain a Database for your Bus Ministry
Making Big Days a Big Deal on the Buses
Keys and Tips on How to Start a Brand New Bus Route
Sundays Start on Saturday for the Bus Ministry
How to Properly Help your Bus Route with Graphics and Promotions

Legal Issues

A Legal Update for Local Church Childrens’ Ministries Part 1
A Legal Update for Local Church Childrens’ Ministries Part 2


Managing a Safe and Effective Nursery

And many more...

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